Privacy Notice

Discount Cigar Bundles has developed this privacy statement to diclouse our information gathering and publication practices for our website:

We gather known information for reasons to include, but not limited to: to e-mail customers specials and event information. to provide information on cigars you may have bought in the past or were on backorder at time of purchase. We conduct various sweepstake and use email as our form of communication to notify winners.

Discount bundles conducts polls on our service and product selection throughout the year. Information collected from polls and surveys is the sole property of Discount Cigar Bundles. If answers to polls or surveys are posted on the web site, or published in any fashion, no known personal information will be attached.

In the Discount Bundles site registration, there is an option to subscribe to our e-mail list that is used to relate promotions, updates and news about our service. You may unsubscribe at anytime. We send out a monthly newsletter, and you may unsubscribe at any time via the profile update page or in the sidebar of the homepage.

Our site currently, or in the future, may hold or may link to various other related sites that ask to collect user information purposely. Your information will be used by us currently, or in the future, and may be shared with our partners, for trade research studies, reports, and surveys as well as for marketing purposes.

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